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Waxing While Pregnant

We have waxed clients up until the day before they go into labor, there is no danger in waxing while you are pregnant. We do suggest letting reception know before you come in so we can allow for extra time during your wax. We want to ensure you are comfortable during your wax which at times includes extra pillows or towels to prop the body up.

While there are many things that should be avoided during pregnancy there are also a few myths thrown in the mix! One being; ‘Waxing is not safe while pregnant.’ ❗⁠

Some believe that the ingredients from the wax used can be dangerous, but the fact is, the wax is not absorbed into the body and therefore cannot affect an unborn baby.⁠

While waxing is completely safe for both the baby and the mother during pregnancy, there are still a few things women should be mindful of. During pregnancy, there are hormonal changes in the body. Hair can grow thicker, darker and in places, it’s never been before. There is increased blood flow, especially in the pubic area which can make the skin feel more sensitive and susceptible to pain, for this reason, women may find waxing more painful than it previously was. They also may find that their skin is more likely to get itchy and irritated. In these instances, estheticians should opt for a premium quality synthetic wax and a natural numbing solution, like the Waxpert Soft wax and the Bryght No. 1 numbing, both used in our WAX Hair Removal Bar Women’s Prenatal Brazilian Wax