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Whether you need a glorious Brazilian wax or a Chest wax, we’ve got you covered. And as we don’t like neglecting areas, WAX is your place for any kind of body waxing services including legs, arms, stomach, back, and much more! Call your local salon if the Wax Pack area you would like is not listed.

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New Prices as of November, 2023!!!

1 Year to use1 Year to use2 Years to use
Single3 Pack - 10 % OFF5 Pack - 15% OFF10 Pack - 20% OFF
IntimateWomen's Brazilian (BTC)$60$162.00$255.00$480.00
IntimateWomen's Brazilian (BTC) + Numbing$65---
IntimateWomen's Brazilian (Hard Wax Only)$70$189.00$297.50$560.00
IntimateWomen's Brazilian + Numbing (Hard Wax only)$75---
IntimatePrenatal Brazilian (Numbing Included)$65---
IntimateWomen's Bikini Line$35$94.50$148.75$280.00
IntimateWomen's French Bikini$45$121.50$191.25$360.00
IntimateWomen's Between the Cheeks$19$51.30$80.75$152.00
IntimateWomen's Full Derriere$39$105.30$165.75$312.00
IntimateWomen's Half Derriere$29$27.00$123.25$232.00
IntimateWomen's Nipples$15$40.50$63.75$120.00
BodyWomen's Upper Leg$55$148.50$233.75$440.00
BodyWomen's Lower Leg$49$132.30$208.25$392.00
BodyWomen's Full Leg$69$186.30$293.25$552.00
BodyWomen's Underarms$20$67.50$85.00$160.00
BodyWomen's Full Body$399$1,077.30$1,965.75$3,192.00
FaceWomen's Brow Center$9$24.30$38.25$72.00
FaceWomen's Brow Shape$25$67.50$106.25$200.00
FaceWomen's Chin$15$40.50$63.75$120.00
FaceWomen's Face$39$105.30$165.75$312.00
FaceWomen's Upper Lip$15$40.50$63.75$120.00
1 Year to use1 Year to use2 Years to use
BEST VALUE (Under $70 per service with 10 Pack!!)Single3 Pack - 3% OFF5 Pack - 5% OFF10 Pack - 10% OFF
Men's Brozilian (Sac & Crack)$75.00$218.25$365.25$675.00
Single3 Pack - 10 % OFF5 Pack - 15% OFF10 Pack - 20% OFF
IntimateMen's Brozilian + Numbing$85---
IntimateMen's Brozilian (Hard Wax Only)$85---
IntimateMen's + Numbing (Hard Wax only)$100---
IntimateMen's Speedo$45$121.50$191.25$360.00
IntimateMen's Between the Cheeks$19$51.30$80.75$152.00
BodyMen's Back$59$159.30$250.75$472.00
BodyMen's Back of Neck$19$51.30$80.75$152.00
BodyMen's Chest$45$121.50$191.25$360.00
BodyMen's Full Derriere$45$121.50$191.25$360.00
BodyMen's Shoulders$20$54.00$85.00$160.00
BodyMen's Full Body$449$1,212.30$1,908.25$3,592.00
FaceMen's Brow Center$12$32.40$51.00$96.00
FaceMen's Full Brow$25$67.50$106.25$200.00
FaceMen's Ears$25$67.50$106.25$187.50
FaceMen's Nose$19$51.30$80.75$152.00

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