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Women's Waxing

A breakdown of our Body, Face, and Intimate waxing services for women.

Men's Waxing

A breakdown of our Body, Face, and Intimate waxing services for men.

Intimate Skin Brightening

Bryghten your Body, Face and Intimate areas with our natural Skin Lyghtening services

Facial Treatments

A thorough analysis of your complexion, then cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your skin using a selection of Eminence and WAX Hair Removal Bar®  products

Body Treatments

Our Body Treatments are designed to target specific skin needs. Select your Body Treatment and consider adding on our Express-Facial under Facial Treatments, for complete care for your skin!

Brow Rehab & Tinting

We have all the tricks to create the perfect eyebrow shape to suit your face. Waxing, tinting, and trimming techniques are applied for a fabulous look every time!

Teeth Whitening

Let us give you a whiter smile right away. Using gel that’s activated by an LED light, our method whitens easily and effectively. Because every smile is different, you may opt to repeat the treatment depending on your preference and dentist recommendations. Takes just 30 mins to getting your pearly whites! Most importantly, it causes none to almost no sensitivity for most clients.

Wax Packs

Buy in Bulk to save! Whether you need a glorious Brazilian wax or a Chest wax, we’ve got you covered. And as we don’t like neglecting areas, WAX Hair Removal Bar® is your place for any kind of body waxing services including legs, arms, stomach, back, and much more!

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