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We do many, many Boyzilian waxes here at WAX Hair Removal Bar. Because we have so many “first time” male clients we have compiled this FAQ to answer our most encountered queries. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to email or call and speak personally to a Waxpert!!

Men’s Waxing (Boyzilian) FAQ

Q: How long does my hair need to be?
The Ideal length for waxing is ¼ to ½ an inch. If your hair is longer than an inch we would recommend doing a little trimming to ensure your waxing is more comfortable.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare before my appointment?
A: A bit of a gentle exfoliation in the shower before your appointment is a good idea. Feel free to take an over the counter pain killer of your choice about an hour before your appointment.

Q: What will happen when I get there?
A: If it is your first visit at our location, you will be asked to fill out a client information card. Your Waxpert will then take you to the treatment room and give you some brief instructions and then leave the room while you undress and get on the table.

Q: What do I wear during the appointment?
A: Clients are asked to remove pants and underwear. You will be provided with a small towel to drape yourself.

Q: What positions will I be in for the waxing?
We do 99.9% of people’s bikini area waxing with them reclined on their back. You will be asked to bend your knees in a frog-leg type position and for “Between the Cheeks” we have you pull your knees up to your chest. Your Waxpert may have you assist them in anchoring your skin and draping at various times, she will give instructions in the room if this is the case.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Each client is different, but we aim to have you in and out the door in less than an hour. (Quick and painless is our goal!)

Q: What if I get an erection during my boyzilian?
A: It isn’t uncommon for this to happen now and again due to the warmth of the wax- it is nothing to be concerned or embarrassed about. We find that it usually subsides when the wax starts coming off. (We never encourage an erection, and we expect our guests to be respectful of their Waxpert.)

Q: What can I expect after my appointment?
A: Your skin may feel tender for 24 hours after waxing, especially if you have course or curly hair. (Taking an over the counter anti inflammatory pain killing will help with this.) As such, you will be asked to avoid hot water, and sweaty activities (these may be uncomfortable and could lead to break outs in the open hair follicles.)


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