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Tips and Advice From Our Waxperts
Vegas waxing salon

Before Your Appt

Don't be scurred! We've got you covered with all the info! 

Pregnancy waxing

Waxing While Pregnant

You can be smooth as a babies bottom right up until the baby comes out!

Brazilian wax

After Care

The scary part is over...phew. Now check this out to make sure you take care of your skin! 

Brazilian wax

Waxing On Your Period

Most places it’s taboo – with us anything goes! If you're comfortable, so are we! 

Waxing salon

24 Hours After

No sex or exercise post wax, yes we said it! If you can't manage we've got just the tip for you!

Male waxing

Just For Men

For the men out there who don't want to ask, we went ahead and answered. You're welcome! 

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My first anal bleach appointment

What can I say, I bleached my asshole and I LOVED IT!

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