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If you are reading this then you have come here to inquire about WAX Hair Removal Bar. The following is a bit of a read and I hope that you read through it in order to form a truly educated decision whether if be negative or positive towards my business. Although I applaud a social media platform where employees can state their complaints on employers in hopes of changing their conditions. It’s saddens me that posters on here feel the need to be Anonymous, making it difficult for a Employer to explain, confirm and or dispute any negative claims. So, I as the owner am willing to OFFER you something as a person who is hopefully doing your research on my company in hopes of making an educated decision as to whether or not you want to work for us.


  1. I have had my salon for almost a decade now. I opened in the middle of the recession and kept the doors open and my girls employed. We have never had any negative reviews on Glass Door until just recently which coincides with the removal of a very disgruntled employee. I ask that you question the recent frequency of these posts. If, and I say IF, you feel that all these posts are from different employees and not just the same employee over and over or one employee gathering a few previously bad hires to back up an assault on my company, then please read on and accept my OFFER.
  2. I am a very small business. I am not a major franchise or a casino. I can not always accommodate the needs of every employee because in order to keep the doors open on a small business my available resources are limited.


  1. Don’t end your research with Glass Door. If you are interested in working for me, then take one more step in your research. Ask the questions that these posts on here raise. Come in for an interview and I will answer the following with the following:
    1. If you think I pay low for the industry, ask me. I as an employer will share all the W2’s I have issued to former employees showing the amounts everyone was paid. The amounts I show will not include the cash tips that my employees collect themselves on the regular which exceed their pay listed on the W2’s.
    2. If you are concerned about claims involving ex-employees and labour disputes then ask me. My offer is to share any and all disputes that I have received. I will walk you through my side and their stated side. I have only had a very few cases that haven’t been judged in my favour. I will share ALL the judgements with you.
    3. If you want to know what I ask my employees or expect from them for work; then ask me. I will walk you through the my whole system with the duties of each position that I expect to be done. I will also show you the recorded meeting minutes of regular group staff meetings I have that allow my staff to voice their concerns or ideas they have that can better the business and in turn make them more money. Keep in mind, we are a small team and sometimes we all get asked to do tasks that might not be associated with a “receptionist”. However, nobody has ever complained until posting on here after the fact. If I ask you to do anything that you don’t want to do, then speak up at the time so we can discuss it. In the end of it all, if I can’t figure out another way to do something to accommodate your concern and you don’t want to do it, then maybe you don’t want to work for us and we can part ways on GOOD TERMS. Where I can be your reference; maybe even help you find other employment which I have done for several staff members.
    4. I as an owner never believed in commission in a small salon such as mine. I always felt like it creates divides between the employees in an effort to “get the sale” and that the customer was “forced” to purchase product. Since we have tried a commission base at the store and you are curious as to why someone would post that we didn’t, ask me. I will show you the meeting minutes where my employees requested it, I told them my reasons for not doing it; however, to appease them, I implemented exactly what the group asked. I will then show you how much each and every person made in commission and you can decide if you work for me which way you want to go. My employees have always had a voice in my company. If I do something that they don’t agree with, I encourage discussion and hopefully and can explain my decision to their satisfaction.
    5. My employees check in and out through our software at the start of their shift and the end. There are several claims about me changing hours and times; about not being paid for the first 15 minutes of a shift. Ask me about this in person and I will offer you a full view of how our time software works, I will explain how all I expect is that you are completely ready for work when your shift starts. Have the conversation with me and then make up you mind.
    6. If you are concerned about not being paid for overtime; ask me and I’ll offer you the paystubs showing all the overtime I’ve paid. Yes, I try to schedule my employees so that overtime isn’t necessary; however it can happen and I do pay. Sometimes I even throw in a free dinner and or a free show as a thank you.
    7. If you are concerned about health benefits then ask me. Yes, we have not had health benefits in the USA to date. It’s a hard cost to carry for a small business in America. However, as an offer, I will show you what steps we have taken just recently in getting benefits for all my employees. Depending on the timing of your hire, you may be involved in the choosing of the benefit package. If not, we will have benefits in place soon. Please note that my full time employees in Canada are offered extended health benefits and have been getting them from the time I opened 10 years ago.

I am only asking that you don’t read these reviews (good or bad) and end your research on my company there. Come in, ask us. I’ve been around for almost 10 years. I have helped and supported girls to open up their own salons, I have supported my employees and accommodated any of their needs based on issues going on in their lives outside of work. If you don’t believe me, ASK. I will show you how I have given people months off in order to help them solve personal issues and juggled my small team and business to accommodate. I have flown some staff to my other stores to share in their skills, meet more of the team and build relationships AND earn more money. I have constant team building events with out cobranding partners the world famous Chippendales. I try to create a good working environment which includes the input of my employees. If you want to know more, come in and ASK.

On one final closing note. Some of the comments on here attack me personally. Albeit all the comments on here I take personally because I started this business alone from scratch and grew it in to something I love. If you are worried that I’m hard to get a hold of, party to much and am generally a horrible person; ASK me for my personal cell number, CALL me, come to my parties and decide what kind of person I am. Don’t be the person who wasn’t invited and now lives a bitter life.

Luba Sasowski
CEO / Founder