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Body treatments

Prices subject to change without notice

Belly Treatment
Duration: 45 minutes | Be in the most relaxed and best state for your new baby. Using only natural ingredients, this safe and gentle belly treatment will melt away any stress in your life and leave you with skin as soft as a baby’s bottom!


Bottoms Up
Duration: 45 minutes | Those annoying little bumps that you feel on your rear that you sometimes try to scratch off are actually called folliculitis, which everyone has to some degree.


Belly Treatment (Women Only)
Duration: 30 minutes | This service helps in preventing in-grown hairs, rashes and inflammation. Results are incredible! Combine with your waxing service as part of your bikini waxing regimen


The Ultimate Back Treatment
Duration: 45 minutes | Blast away blackheads, purify pores and relieve redness with our decongesting, purifying deep pore back treatment.


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