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After Care

  • Your pores will be bare after your wax, so it is very important that you are taking the proper care for the skin to avoid any irritation or infections.
  • Clean luffas can be used on the skin and should be exchanged every month to avoid bacteria from harboring. If you are using an old luffa, you are putting bacteria back on the skin, which will block oil from being released which will cause ingrown hairs.
  • Your skin may feel dry and sore, this is normal as waxing will exfoliate the top layer of skin, we
    highly recommend after waxing to go home and shower with cool water and clean the area with WAX Tea Tree and Lemon wash to rebalance the skins PH and clear surface bacteria.
  • If you suffer from ingrown hairs we have products and services that can help with these issues, ask your Waxpert™ what the best product is for your concern.
  • Keeping the skin hydrating will keep the skin balanced and prevents ingrown hairs and irritations
  • Avoid shaving between waxes, shaving causes the hairs to become very course and can be difficult to wax- and it’s more painful.

KEEP IN MIND: Soaps and shower gels purchased at the drug stores are full of chemicals, scents and fillers that will clog the pores and cause a reaction. The starter kit will prevent any skin irritations, and get your skin on the right track for healthy skin.

After waxing an area the pores are open and very susceptible to bacteria getting in. Simple things such as sweating, working out, sex, hot tubs, tanning or swimming within
24 hours after your wax can cause pesky red bumps.

Our staff is trained to ensure that you as a client feel minimal discomfort during your waxing session.

All of our waxing techniques are performed by hand-picked, fully qualified and very talented Waxperts™