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After waxing any area, the pores are open and very susceptible to bacteria getting into the pores. Simple things
such as sweating, working out, climate change, sexual activity, steam rooms, tanning or swimming within 24
hours after your wax can cause these pesky red bumps. Our sweat carries bacteria which can cause infections
if your pores are open. If you don’t regularly wax, sometimes after your first wax (or first wax after several
months or years) your skin can react as it’s been stressed with a procedure that it doesn’t recognize.

  • Do not exfoliate the skin, luffas, peels, scrubs, etc.

  • No harsh chemicals on the skin – this includes any soaps from drug stores or bath specialty stores which are loaded with colors and fragrances. These products can actually make you breakout as the parabens get lodged into the fresh open pores. We suggest our Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel, this item should replace whatever you currently have in your shower.

  • No pools/chlorine or hot tubs as this will burn and irritate the skin

  • No sex or exercise post wax, yes we said it – if you can’t hold out please ensure you shower
    immediately after using our WAX Tea Tree & Lemon Shower Gel and lukewarm water.

  • Wear plain cotton underwear after your wax, lace or unbreathable materials can irritate the area.

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